The Rib Joint

$20 worth of mouth-watering food from The Rib Joint for just $10 with this dinner deal!



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Deal Description: Bring the whole family by to help kick off the Grand Opening of The Rib Joint with $20 worth carefully smoked, succulent ribs, brisket, sausage, AND MUCH MORE for just $10.

The Rib Joint of Springfield, was once known as the Rib Shack. For Fifteen years, Art and Jenny Turner brought the restaurant from a 1970’s era travel trailer, to a brick in mortar, located on Chestnut Expressway. Sadly, not long ago, Art passed away. Jenny was not only heart broken that the love of her life of 42 years had gone without her, now she had this busy and bustling Rib Joint to tend to. Jenny’s customers and the community, counted on Jenny to remain open and strong. Many saying that the Turner’s were the nicest and sincerest folks they had ever had the privilege of knowing! Jenny knew how much she would miss her friends, as her motto is, “everyone who enters the Rib Joint, is a friend” far more than a customer! After Art’s passing, Jenny tried to hold it together. Art was her glue and her “go to.” She had lost so much in this amazing man being gone. Sadly, it proved too much. All of the daily careful smoking of meats at 5:00 a.m and the several hours long prep-work, was overwhelming. She closed the restaurant on June 15, 2019.

Shortly thereafter, my wife and I, were looking for someplace to eat, not realizing the Rib Joint was closed, we even had a coupon, and we pulled into the lot. We had never been there and at the time, had never met Ms. Jenny or Art. As I approached the door, I saw the sign with a hand written apology, that the ‘Rib Joint was closed’. I turned to leave, but I had heard a door behind me and out came a sweet little voice! Ms. Jenny was apologizing for being closed! After which conversation ensued (all the while my poor wife Sonia, was still sitting in the car!)

I had forgotten all about her! As Jenny and I had stood there talking in the door-way, Sonia came over and wanted to keys for the car, because not only had I left her in the car as I went to go see of the restaurant was open, but I was so certain that it was open, I also took the keys! After hearing Jenny’s heartfelt legacy and the fact that she really had not given much thought to selling the business and also planned to perhaps to close it up and sell the assets, I just felt something. So much so, that I asked my usually skeptical spouse to listen to the Rib Joint, story. (Yes, you may have guessed, I MAY have had some hair-brained ideas in the past) She agreed. She was as in love with Ms. Jenny as I was. After looking around the restaurant, I could actually feel her life within it. At the same time, I felt Art’s presence, if you can believe that! And most importantly, all three of else felt, that the Lord had led us right there, at that time, to a closed restaurant which would have normally been empty, only that Jenny needed to get something for the restaurant. If not for the coupon we were unable to use on Mother’s Day, and Jenny just having to be there and Sonia happening to be with me that day, the Rib Joint, would be a distant memory. All the years of sweat and sacrifice, just fading away in annals of time? We just couldn’t let that happen! But, what could we do? Yep, we decided (as if we didn’t have enough going on in life) to offer to purchase the restaurant. We made a deal with Ms. Jenny all after all of about two-weeks.

The bonus and most importantly, Ms. Jenny will remain with us! Two days a week, she will be with us, side-by side! (Sonia must have already gotten to her and explained that someone needed to hold my hand through this, she’s funny like that). It is difficult to explain soul-mates, when not thinking of it in a marriage perspective. But, for Sonia and I, Jenny was an instant soul-mate. Just being in her presence, always smiling, even through her sadness could bring sunshine on a cloudy day (Cliche’ but true). The Rib Joint was a fit and we prayed on it, literally! We are so looking forward to meeting our new and old friends. Everything you see, everything you taste, will be just as Jenny made it herself! When you enter the restaurant, forget that it is a restaurant. Think of it as a middle of the day, vacation! When you enter, you may be a stranger. When you leave, you are a friend!


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The Rib Joint
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